Michelotti Law

Landing page and Google Ads for this prestigious Chicago bankruptcy attorney.

Identifying opportunities on time in Chicago law

Loan crisis hit hard on the Spanish speaking Chicago community and this attorney wanted to be closer so he asked our agency to think of a strategy.

A law firm that talks in Spanish, the customers mother language.

We designed a modern, fast and simple Spanish website with content to reach Spanish speakers. Phone, customer support, a full customer experience tailored for the new diverse times.

Don’t follow others, innovate and market in a new way

To avoid high Google Search cost per click of legal related keywords we crafted a delicate campaigns in trendy newspapers, blogs and digital properties visited by Spanish in the Chicago are.

Helping customers to stay on their homes

Now Michelotti Law can help many more people that sign up for his legal services and consolidate popularity after a long career of success.




Work: Spanish web design, Spanish Google Ads
Industry: LAW


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