This global bank started Warrants and chose us as marketing agency to make them popular.

Launching a new BBVA Warrant

BBVA issues warrants for mayor listed companies and indexes that are traded Worldwide. Warrants team asked our agency to promote this new product.

Understanding Warrants

On a volatile market Warrants offers the chance of making a profit both in both bullish or bearish markets. The investor can take a position on an asset, based on how he expects said asset’s price to perform.

Warrants can also be used to obtain liquidity, secure capital and work as risk hedging.

Our strategy

We created a marketing strategy that used Search Google Ads and Display Network to reach investors in 6 different countries and launch this trading derivative product,

As this derivative can be used for many goals our targeted audiences included risk takers and conservative investors. Now BBVA is one the most traded Warrants, trusted brand that has received awards and we are proud of giving that first marketing push at the very beginning.

Work: Google Ads, Online Marketing
Industry: FINANCE


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