Why Google recommends responsive web design (RWD)?

July 13, 2017

A responsive website design makes for different gadgets. They have distinctive screen sizes and resolutions. A calculation says there are more than 232 sizes of screens. They access the responsive website design. Responsive website design supports designs, videos and web contents of website.

Google often allows and advices to designers and developers can alter their sites with Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Responsive Website Design stands for designing sites having an ideal view. It is easy to read and navigate. Responsive Website Design for an extensive variety of gadgets (from desktop PC screens to cell phones).

Usages & Advantages

A Responsive Website Design can serve any gadget or screen size. It gives a way that designer does not need to configure isolate websites for distinguish gadgets like mobile, tablet, and desktop gadgets.

Responsive Website Design has advantage to permit one URL and single substance source. Google says Responsive Website Design (RWD) gives configuration that permits managing with various URLs amongst mobile and non- mobile sites.

A responsive website design has compatible feature of smooth running. This encourages smooth, quick and effective loading of web page on different gadget screens.

Responsive Website Design develops for growth and innovation of mobile. It is common in utilization of web based business i.e. e-Commerce transactions. It is made by means of small gadgets - cell phone, tablet etc. It has been emerged possibility, making site responsive.

Presently, Google has taken RESPONSIVE WEBSITE on high priority.

More than above, Google prescribes Responsive Website Design (RWD) on account of: Less loading time and SEO – Friendly. It keeps content new and takes after Google calculations by allocating the index properties of a page to the related desktop or mobile pages.

The designer concentrates on different URLs. He keeps an eye on different combinations of mobile and non-mobile sites.

Responsive Web Design recommends by Google because Responsive Website Design (RWD) is easy to read. Easy to navigate by simple resizing from different sorts of gadgets.

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Big Screen Responsive Website Design

July 11, 2017

Big Screen Responsive Website Design means a design of website incorporates with big screen to mobile screen.

Innovation of Big Screen Responsive Website Design allows the page to utilize the rules of CSS style rules in light of coding.

The objective of responsive website is worked with mobile in a beneficial manner. It's about setting substance with the big screen responsive website design and it incorporates with big screen.

How does Responsive Website Design Work?

It adjusts the format to the review condition by utilizing liquid, extent based lattices, adaptable images.

The liquid matrix concept sizes according the screen size component relative units. Responsiveness likewise works for big desktop screens. Extra-large screen responsive web design makes the substance fit the screen.

The big screen determination is 1920x1080 pixels. And after that next expansive determination is 1920x1080 pixels. The most top quality desktop shows that begin with 27" screens. Designer keeps in mind while design website for big screens, how maximum number of clients visit browser window and attract to website.

Trust it or not, there are people who work at movie-based wide-screen (even Apple's 27" iMacand Thunderbolt show enjoying the resolution 2560x1440px).

Big screen responsive website has two options:-

At the point when a site needs extra large screen, responsive web design works for a big desktop and screens. Responsive web design utilizes a fluid format with a specific goal to utilize the entire screen instead of including left-and right-page edges.

A settled format confines the width of the page at each breakpoint and keeps the design to a set width, second, A fluid format stretches over the entire screen width.

It includes flexible interface pixels for designing. Design has been made by utilizing CSS's fundamental of text dimension, pixels and ems.

Designer keeps total attention on responsive website design for wide screens. He/She keeps in mind content choreography. He/She considers picture's component, fitting measurements as well as higher resolution of the picture in the light of screen sizes and pixel thickness.

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Mobile Website Inspiration

July 10, 2017

Topic’s substance and configuration are Inspiration Mobile Website. Configuration involves all informations for thought. The thought makes plan and plan is inspiration of mobile website.

Throughout the most recent couple of years, Responsive and SEO website designs assess the design of the websites. Designer makes wonderful and quick mobile websites that are enhanced for SEO. It connects with client. Websites execution on mobile is the benchmark in the world of designing websites.

Mobile web designing is a developing field. The composition steady deals with quality inspiration. Most designers acquire thoughts from other designer’s mobiles websites only to carry the thoughts of them. But Originally they design really unique their own mobile websites.

UI Inspiration

UI inspiration mobile website is for Android and iOS gadgets. UI inspiration includes both cell phones and tablets.

UI offers a minded way to design website with inspiration. It designs website with full of UX animations and liveliness. Inspiration of UI/UXs is essential of for all gadgets screen. UI is for android and UXs animation for sliding menus, stacking bars and page swipe impacts. UI & UX are full of inspiration to design mobile website.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design includes all contents for inspiration of mobile website. About designing – web designer designs in a way that the website may fit in different screen sizes. Liquid grid, flexible picture and media query are technical basics of responsive website design.

Logo Design Inspiration

It is an invention field for mobile inspiration. DESIGN OF LOGO has an inventive fields segment where one can discover UI. It offers minded approach to deal with designing of website.

Inspiration Browsing Website

Inspiration of browsing website in simple way interfaces the whole website. It works like a SPA to load the contents of website dynamically on the webpage. Designing of email inspiration receives the mails in inbox.

Newsletters in respect of mobile website inspiration via e-mail are design inspiration but it is not useful for everybody. To browse mobile website is easy. Furthermore the whole website works like a SPA so content loads progressively on the page.

All above are basic inspiration mobile website. They make mobile website dynamic, creative, beautiful and are benchmark.

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Best Mobile Delightful Versatile Website Design

July 7, 2017


Best mobile website designs focus on loading speed, updation and device configuration. The website speed attracts the users. Best mobile website design updates users regularly.

Mobile web designs are looking forward, to be versatile and incorporate with concentrating on loading speed. Configuration makes simple and speedy selection of option. They're occupies proficient for easy browsing. Informations can easily discover on best mobile website design.

Web designer designs the best mobile website to give better look, work and performance. Best mobile website designs pay attention for configuration for various sizes of gadget.

Responsive website designs perfectly define the design and allow seeing the website design on various sizes of screen. Best mobile website design ensures mobile usefulness as a brainstorm of desktop design.

Mobile designs access all the most essential data and component. They use for displaying the experience while browsing on mobile.


Map or direction application is need of each site. It makes simple to discover the destination. Its presence on site makes extraordinary. while facilitating on mobile that it's intents and purposes vague from their downloadable mobile application.

Makes amazing Form: Website ought to be perfectly designed, welcoming client with HD videos, pertinent videos, design segments and some more.

Note based application: Note application is web based application. It permits to store notes, pictures and web articles. Client can get to them over all gadgets. Client gets to the site on any gadget including desktop PC, cell phone and tablets. Client sees how the site is perfect and to the point. All the substance of website positioning at their place. The design of website is clean and spotless and does not reduce value of the application.

Mobile website contains mainstream pieces of substance shown in a simple way. In mobile website large pictures arrange the compositions to utilize that easy to tap with finger.

Clean and straightforward applications on mobile website are the asset of the best mobile website design.

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best tools to test mobile website

July 6, 2017


Nowadays lot of tools are available to test the mobile website. Some of them are best tools to test the mobile website.

Use of mobile browsing is expanding each day. It shows consumer’s desire for mobile responsive websites. These websites have been tested before offering to customer or user because users have distinguished mobiles devices.

Approaches to test the mobile website
There are distinguish approaches to test websites on cell phones. Some of them are elaborated here.

Test on Genuine Mobile Device: It's constantly best to test a site on genuine gadgets. Site contains many components like changeable system conditions, pixels, the relative size of tap targets, can be checked on genuine device. Ideally, every site tries on each cell phone. It shows the test of website on specific or non specific gadgets. A cell phone test suite enables physical testing. It consists most prevalent web browsing.

Test the mobile website

iOS Simulator and Android Emulator : Software emulators are still pretty decent. The iOS simulator and Android Emulator make easy to see what a website will look like on iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

CrossBrowserTesting: permits to test website on more than 130 browsers crosswise over 25 diverse working systems including  mobile phones. It tests functions and automated screenshots of website. CrossBrowserTesting tests for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc.,

BrowserStack : If the gadget suits are not available then first choice is iOS and Android emulators then another or second choice is BrowserStack web administration. It gets cell phone on desktop with the goal of testing the mobile website. Various gadgets can be tried by BrowserStack.

Responsinator :Responsinator will essentially resize a site to a particular size. It helpful for quick checking of responsive design. Visit the Responsinator site, type  URL, and it will create live preview for resizing resolution as same required for popular devices.

Resize the Browser: It is exceptional for designers and developers to check configuration of responsiveness of web design by resizing on desktop browser. This keeps in mind while building up a website. It allows very quick helps to check and test when writing responsive code improvements.

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why’s website loading speed in mobile

July 5, 2017


Website speed is very important for loading on different sizes of screen. Different sizes of screen refer to mobile screens. The speed of website is an essential element.

It explains as "website page loading time". In other words “the time website takes to completely show the substance on a particular page).

It can be define as time which has been taken for browsing or time has been taken to get the main byte of data from the web server.

Most important factors

First, users demand website loading speed in mobile. Website loading speed on mobile is obviously an essential piece of website user experience.

Second, if website does not have good speed of loading in mobile. It may loose user as well as visitor too. Website speed has most important factor on search engines ranking. The ranking on search engine is only because of website speed.

Why website speed is important in mobile?

For the web solution, speed of website is must in mobile. If website does not have good speed in mobile then user’s experience will not be as seem by designer.

Website speed in mobile is necessary for web solution. Good or expected speed of website in mobile results to invite the maximum number of users as seems by web designer. On other hand, website without good speed looses users as well as merit on search engine.

Website speed in mobile is important for credibility. It’s important factor is inviting new users.

This is the only reason; the designer of website gives special attention at speed and performance of website. Heavy traffic on cellular connections arisen the question of speed of website in mobile. It is most important for the designer.  If web designer will not take care of speed of mobile website then user will move to other website. This instance will increase the competition.

We are in era of 3G and 4G net connections speed. Smartphones are capable to load heavy sites having lot of images, JavaScript and CSS. We cannot assume that every user will have high speed data or device. Therefore, the speed of website in mobile should be tested on conditions of different connectivity. Milliseconds difference of website speed matters for engaging the user.

The speed of website in mobile is as first impression and the last impression on user. User takes instant decision if loading is very fast and impacts strong impression. Fast website signifies as credible and professionalism.

Slow website drop-off the visitors as well as references too. It hurts the brand.

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Better e-Commerce for WordPress plugin is designed

July 1, 2017

WordPress e-Commerce plugin is designed for online stores.


This plugin emerges with a platform of development and opportunities for online stores. e-Commerce is open source, giving the advantage of an open and dynamic advancement support to users. And can be integrated with existing WordPress website.

It is designed particularly in light of the fact that the designers felt that the UX of WP-e-Commerce was entirely awful, so designers set out to assemble something better that comes up as e-Commerce for WordPress. It makes simple to set up an online store with huge options of alternatives and customization expected outcomes.


Subsequent to introducing a e-Commerce plugin, WordPress business webpage promptly picks up useful digital offerings and physical products. Some e-Commerce plugin incorporate to save or download computerized or email contacts as well as messages too for future reference to get connect with them.

It helps in furnishing the new selling information to exiting users of e-Commerce website. Some e-Commerce plugins  coordinate with different CMSs (Content Management  System).

e-Commerce plugin is utilized for offering the products digitally & physically that in need to delivery through shipping and inverntory administration. This plugin is essentially relies on ways of selling, components and payment gateway. It can be utilized also for accepting donations.

Some e-Commerce plugin are useful for selling digital products like eBooks, photographs, music, and so on. While others are more qualified for offering physical products that need dispatching, shipping  and stock information.

There are a lot of WordPress web based e-Commerce plugins, Every one of them not have the basic arrangement of elements to begin e-Commerce website. Additionally, there are e-Commerce plugins that comprise selling digital goods, physical products and option of making payment that is known as payment gateway too.

Usage, Purpose & Requirement

Choosing  e-Commerce plugin relies on purpose. It is based on need or requirement of user. Accordingly user choose the plugin of e-Commerce . For e-Commerce website, best WordPress facilitating is required.

For secure payment  e-Commerce  accompanies  SSL Certificate through dedicated IP and support line which allows to collect  payment safely.

It is impossible for e-Commerce to comprise all features. It can be featured by add-on e-Commerce plugin. To run e-Commerce sites, best WordPress hosting, committed IP and support line is required. It also coordinates with an existing WordPress site.

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Plugins to keep WordPress Site on – Trend

June 22, 2017

WordPress Plugin can be characterized as a software. It performs to a web browser as an add-on to give additional functions. Lets Know about WordPress Plugin with ARTISTICBIRD.


It permits browser to show extra substance, particular elements as well as customization of website those have been not designed originally to display. WordPress has turned into the world's most mainstream Content Management System (CMS). Content Management System improves security of WordPress while web designer utilizing it for site.

Uses & Advantages:

Although, designer concentrates on security of WordPress website by restricted access to important records and folders, that is good otherwise design can come at hazard side.

By concentrating on security, designer can change to WordPress itself, rather modifying how WordPress keeps running on a server and how many users have to its documents.

While overseeing WordPress website, once in a while need to add code to WordPress website. This implies designer should alter the theme files which could get untidy and separate your WordPress theme.

Yet, it permits to include code in WordPress site without altering theme files. WordPress themes depend on CSS for customization and visual appearance of site.

CSS permits to modify any WordPress theme without composing a solitary line of code.

WordPress plugins are:-


  • OptinMonster is software allows transformation and improvement. It permits to convert users of website into email subscribers.
  • WPForms allow to develop the contact list of users. It is a contact frame plugin for WordPress.
  • Constant Contract is best market specialist service provider. It permits making an email ID records and utilize these email ID's for sending messages.
  • Security is an integral component for business working on the web. It is web application. It gives protection and security to site. It cares site from all types of
  • Backup of data is one of the best security point. Staying away from any harming to data, it is essential to have backup plugin.
  • SEO erstwhile known as WordPress SEO. It permits to optimize as a whole WordPress site for search engines.

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Designing Web Pages

June 10, 2017

Any site is an accumulation of pages. We keep the data of our or your business as the page. Each page is an archive. Numerous such reports are shaped together to make a site. These pages are included with the goal that you can without much of a stretch achieve pages starting with one page then onto the next and see each page. What your page will look like on your customer's program relies on upon the plan of your page. Web outlining implies that you need to demonstrate your site page. The most effective method to sort out your data on your page that your page looks appealing to your clients. Web planning is the most essential piece of site improvement.

Some site organizations set up their format before making website pages in the product like Photoshop. PHOTOSHOP is a product through which we can make any photo, illustrations and alter your photograph. Website specialist readies the format of your site in Photoshop first. After the endorsement, a similar plan is made in the website page by HTML/CSS/JAVA SCRIPT. Site is an approach to share or impart your data and information to the world. On the off chance that you need to know the entire world about your (business), contemplations, exercises, then there is no other than the best instrument from the site to spread them everywhere throughout the world.

A site contains gathering of pages those are interlinked or intelligent strategies for routes are being utilized. Website page contains the file page contingent on the setting of web server. Such file may contains distinctive significances however normally utilized index.html. To see such page a predefined way has been given to visit the site page. On the off chance that the page comprise wrong way it demonstrates a blunder for showing the website page. So right way is in need to show the page. A page either contain single or more than single page by making HTML document or records by the utilization of Frames or SSls (Server Side Includes).

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Personal Website Design

June 8, 2017

Personal website can be utilized for advancement, work seeks, personal marking, inventive expression, or correspondence. They may produce as platform of publishing.

It displays an assortment of various plan styles, negligible and perfect, splendid and dynamic hues and masterful and eye-getting design.

Personal website is not unpleasant to assemble. It can be a touch of threatening. Design it with the correct shading plan, picking flawless portfolio pieces, and making. They give website an identity. To make it more astonishing it is the most ideal approach to get uber motivation from other. One can make personal website to keep in eye all the vision of making the website as needs be website brings the structure with containing every one of the thoughts and suspicion. It just likes to offer shape to thought. From basic ones that anybody could reproduce to truly noteworthy ones that we can just respect in amazement then there would be an astonishing personal website that would be stunningly better.

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