Efficient Responsive Design Process

July 31, 2017

Effective Responsive Design Process has three unique formats (1) home page (2) posting page and (3) detail page. Each of them comprises effective responsiveness. It is on account of mobile, tablet, and desktop sizes.

Four goals (1) collaborate, (2) repeat, (3) adjust, and (4) organize work for effective responsive design process. It assists client to incorporate with the process.

Ensure to follow the process keys of effective responsive design in respect of best result every time.

Keys for Effective responsive design processes are:-     

Hold on content
Plan and get hold of the substance. Assign pictures logos and texts identified with it. Do the number of changes as satisfaction with the final result.

Remember These Things While Designing

  • Focus on screens sizes as opposed to on gadgets
  • Consistent navigation all through all screens
  • Mobile approach is first
  • Check the execution of site on different screens


Inspire set to design
In the wake of fulfilling with the content, next step is to design with regards to the finalized content. Utilize wireframe and mock-up as indicated by content.

Focus on important element
Focus on importance of element is necessary for designer. As such elements focus on designing.

Focus on typography
Responsive design process is based on attract the client. It sets target on audience. So typography should be first on priority. Typecast is one of them. Analyse typography before start designing.

Concentrate on typography
Responsive design process attracts client. The typography performs vital role. So typography ought to be first on need. Typecast is one of them. Proper Investigation of typography is necessary before begin designing.

Create design as for mobile
It is necessary to remember the varieties of mobile screen. Exact position of design uncovers just on different mobile screens. Responsive design makes idealize view on mobile and desktop.

Check the compatibility of design on different browsers.
It does by proper writing of CSS and JavaScript properties.

It is an orderly approach towards designing. It ensures that design is rendered splendidly on changed screen sizes. In the first place, need to concentrate on the contents and remember the viewpoint of mobile.

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Best Mobile Delightful Versatile Website Design

July 7, 2017


Best mobile website designs focus on loading speed, updation and device configuration. The website speed attracts the users. Best mobile website design updates users regularly.

Mobile web designs are looking forward, to be versatile and incorporate with concentrating on loading speed. Configuration makes simple and speedy selection of option. They're occupies proficient for easy browsing. Informations can easily discover on best mobile website design.

Web designer designs the best mobile website to give better look, work and performance. Best mobile website designs pay attention for configuration for various sizes of gadget.

Responsive website designs perfectly define the design and allow seeing the website design on various sizes of screen. Best mobile website design ensures mobile usefulness as a brainstorm of desktop design.

Mobile designs access all the most essential data and component. They use for displaying the experience while browsing on mobile.


Map or direction application is need of each site. It makes simple to discover the destination. Its presence on site makes extraordinary. while facilitating on mobile that it's intents and purposes vague from their downloadable mobile application.

Makes amazing Form: Website ought to be perfectly designed, welcoming client with HD videos, pertinent videos, design segments and some more.

Note based application: Note application is web based application. It permits to store notes, pictures and web articles. Client can get to them over all gadgets. Client gets to the site on any gadget including desktop PC, cell phone and tablets. Client sees how the site is perfect and to the point. All the substance of website positioning at their place. The design of website is clean and spotless and does not reduce value of the application.

Mobile website contains mainstream pieces of substance shown in a simple way. In mobile website large pictures arrange the compositions to utilize that easy to tap with finger.

Clean and straightforward applications on mobile website are the asset of the best mobile website design.

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best tools to test mobile website

July 6, 2017


Nowadays lot of tools are available to test the mobile website. Some of them are best tools to test the mobile website.

Use of mobile browsing is expanding each day. It shows consumer’s desire for mobile responsive websites. These websites have been tested before offering to customer or user because users have distinguished mobiles devices.

Approaches to test the mobile website
There are distinguish approaches to test websites on cell phones. Some of them are elaborated here.

Test on Genuine Mobile Device: It's constantly best to test a site on genuine gadgets. Site contains many components like changeable system conditions, pixels, the relative size of tap targets, can be checked on genuine device. Ideally, every site tries on each cell phone. It shows the test of website on specific or non specific gadgets. A cell phone test suite enables physical testing. It consists most prevalent web browsing.

Test the mobile website

iOS Simulator and Android Emulator : Software emulators are still pretty decent. The iOS simulator and Android Emulator make easy to see what a website will look like on iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

CrossBrowserTesting: permits to test website on more than 130 browsers crosswise over 25 diverse working systems including  mobile phones. It tests functions and automated screenshots of website. CrossBrowserTesting tests for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc.,

BrowserStack : If the gadget suits are not available then first choice is iOS and Android emulators then another or second choice is BrowserStack web administration. It gets cell phone on desktop with the goal of testing the mobile website. Various gadgets can be tried by BrowserStack.

Responsinator :Responsinator will essentially resize a site to a particular size. It helpful for quick checking of responsive design. Visit the Responsinator site, type  URL, and it will create live preview for resizing resolution as same required for popular devices.

Resize the Browser: It is exceptional for designers and developers to check configuration of responsiveness of web design by resizing on desktop browser. This keeps in mind while building up a website. It allows very quick helps to check and test when writing responsive code improvements.

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April 18, 2017

Let's talk about ARTISTICBIRD. ONE day I will be at the place I always wanted to be - ARTISTICBIRD legitimizes it. It has a stipulated put in the realm of web designing. ARTISTICBIRD utilizes its knowledge which has been gained by experience of years in the field of web designing. Website designs of ARTISTICBIRD are self-explanatory about their accomplishments. Web designs of ARTISTICBIRD are being intended for marking, imaginative expression, and correspondence among the clients.

ARTISTICBIRD utilizes the title, sidebars, logos, representation, and content, at a place where they make website composition navigable and intuitive. ARTISTICBIRD designs in a way the information must be indistinguishable and orchestrated by their organized significance and thematic harmony.

  • Consistent styles - ARTISTICBIRD gives structural consistency and harmonize.
  • User interface design - Positioning all the various elements of the website at the same place which makes design user interface.
  • Maximize readability - To make text easier to read by converting it smaller sections, different-sized fonts to show the hierarchy and importance of the topics.
  • Universally readable - Use standard HTML which plug-ins on all version of the browser to make universally readable for balancing desired quality of the speed.
  • Mobile browsing accounts - It designs the website to keep in mind there are highly usable on mobile devices. It customizes the design accordingly.
  • Responsive design - It designs the website that will adjust to fit any size screen.
  • Experience & Technical Skill - uses its experience of years and best technical skills to design the web page to give world class presentation to the world.


An intention to make ourselves pillar of branding and expression with creativity then come forward to choose ARTISTICBIRD, moreover to this, reasons to choose ARTISTICBIRD for designing the website are-

  • To be different from others.
  • To make accumulative, archive, demonstrative, appealing client design.
  • For world class representation.
  • Creative and responsive design consist all such elements then one can say said the web page is best one.
  • To give decent review, endeavors, and techniques for designing.
  • Above to all Time bound projects.


Wish to find out about ARTISTICBIRD, don't hesitate to utilize the methods of correspondence of ARTISTICBIRD, we will be very obliged in the event that we would serve ourselves as a world class web designer to world class client.

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Property Finder Website

April 10, 2017

Establishing or expanding your real estate business is possible with the launch of a thoughtful Property Finder Website designed by ArtisticBird.
Let’s put up a simple question.

“Why do you need a house?”

A junior class student answers this question somewhat like this – “We need a house to protect us from sun and rain. We need a house to live together.”

Do you know how a professional like us or you would answer it? We may say “We need a house for investing money.”

Yes! It is very much true. Today, everyone wants to invest in property as the returns are pretty good. People save for years and buy a property so that they can sell it later at better prices. Now, this trend of investing money in property is not just confined to one area or country. The trend is spreading virally across the world and you can easily find people hunting for hot deals in real estate across the world.

Now, the question is how a person sitting in India can buy a property in USA? The answer is simple. It is possible with a property finder. To gauge the extent to which this industry has grown, we would advise you to put the keyword “Property Finder Website” in Google. You would be surprised to see uncountable results Google returns.

Do you also belong to the real estate industry? Or do you want to make a future in the real estate industry? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you have landed at the right place.

Such websites target individuals who are looking for a property either in a nearby or distant area. The website contains a list of the property for sale or on rent and interested individuals can send in their queries to get detailed information about a particular property.

Although the primary purpose of a property finder website is to display information about vacant properties in a particular area but there are many more things that such a website can perform. The team of website designers and developers at ArtisticBird put their best shot forth to come up with a multi-purpose website for your real estate business.


Some of the features that we generally integrate into a property finder website include:

  1. Organization of Properties According to Area – Assuming that the real estate agent covers different areas, we divide all the properties on the basis of the area so that users can zero down to the desired area in the least amount of time.
  2. Real-Time Inventory – If you don’t want your customers to fight over the same property it is really important that changes are reflected on the website in real time. The software integrated with the website ensures that changes are reflected at the earliest possible.
  3. High-Quality Images – Each property listed on the website is accompanied with a high-resolution image so that visitors know what exactly they are going to buy.


Every website developed at ArtisticBird is highly customizable and every single professional in our team endeavors to satisfy clients to every possible extent.

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Open Source

April 10, 2017

The open source model is a decentralized development model that encourages open collaboration. In lieu of outshining the competitors in the virtual market, business owners generally demand for state-of-the-art websites. Owners demand of a website that possesses fantastic GUI interface along with highly advanced tools and widgets. On top of all, they want such websites to be delivered in a short span of time.

Developing a highly complex website in a short time frame is definitely a challenge for any website designing company and ArtisticBird overcome this challenge with the help of Open Source Website Development Tools.

With these tools, website developers don’t have to develop the website from scratch and it saves a great amount of time. In addition, open source tools are equipped with widgets and plug-ins and we can customize the basic architecture to meet your specific needs and requirements. Some other benefits of developing a website using open source interface are:

  • Cost Effective – Since the website is not developed from the scratch, the amount of efforts and resources required are less. It definitely reduces the overall cost of website development. Small business owners and burgeoning entrepreneurs with a limited budget can rely on these websites without giving a second thought.
  • Wide Array of Plugins – Leading open source platforms to offer innumerous widgets and plugins and most of them can be used free of cost. Also, most of these widgets support customization and thus they can be integrated into the client website with a breeze.
  • Easy to Manage – There are many individuals for whom the website is their dream and they participate actively during the phase of website design & development. For such clients, open source websites are perfect. The backend of such websites is easy to understand and you can make minute changes even after the website has been delivered.
  • Time Effective –These websites are time effective and this is one reason why they are gaining popularity amongst both customers and website developers.
  • Continuous Support – Almost for every open source tools, multiple tutorials, and support documents are available readily over the Internet. After the website has been delivered, you can easily refer to these documents in order to make minute changes to the website.


ArtisticBird has expertise in developing websites on different open source applications like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Open Cart and OS Commerce. To know more about these open source platforms, continue reading the description below.


Launched in the year 2008, Magento is basically an open source application for e-commerce websites. With this software at the core, a fully functional e-commerce website can be developed for your online business. This entire application is based on the Entity attribute value system. The system allows the web site administrator to store large chunks of data in an organized manner.

Do you want to develop an e-commerce website by not spending a hefty amount? Give ArtisticBird a call and we will develop the website for you using Magento.


Released in the year 2003, WordPress is a dynamic content management system based on PHP and MySQL. If we go by statistics, 14.7% of top one million websites are based on WordPress and this number is more than enough to testify the popularity of WordPress. This interface supports template system and building a website using these templates is a cakewalk. On top of it, WordPress supports applications for mobile phones thereby making your website accessible through Android, Windows, and Blackberry mobile phones.


Hard to believe but Joomla has been downloaded more than 30 million times by users. This open source platform is primarily used for publishing content on the Internet as well as Intranet. The framework has been written in PHP like WordPress. Though the framework offers more than 9200 extensions for users and some of the most useful extensions include RSS Feeds, Polls, Blogs, and Page Caching. To catch a glimpse of how powerful Joomla is, refer to website linux.com that has been built using Joomla.


Combining the features of a Content Management System and Content Management Framework, Drupal is an extremely powerful tool in the world of website designing. Written in PHP, this versatile open source CMS can be used for designing simple sites such as personal blogs and even highly sensitive websites like government websites. You may be astounded to know that the website whitehouse.gov has been designed using Drupal itself. Adding to it, it has been recorded that 1.5% of the entire existing websites are based on Drupal. Do you need more reasons to choose Drupal as the backend for your dream website? If yes, then we have a bucket of reasons more to tell you why Drupal is the most preferred open source platform for website designing. Drupal offers approximately 15,648 add-ons that can be easily integrated into the website for improving its functionality and efficiency.

Do you want to build your website using Drupal? Fill our query form and web designing experts at ArtisticBird will revert shortly.

Open Cart

Online shopping today has become a necessity and to fulfill this incessant need new online stores are being opened almost every day. Online stores are convenient for buyers but to manage such a store is pretty difficult. To make this task easier, frameworks like Open Cart have been launched in the market. Wikipedia defines Open Cart as a free online store system and with the help of a web designing company you can customize it for your own benefit. An exciting feature about this framework is it is platform independent and thus users never face any compatibility related issues.

OS Commerce

Keeping in mind the increasing numbers of e-commerce stores, a series of e-commerce software has been launched in the market. Out of various different software and frameworks for running e-commerce stores, OS Commerce is the most sought after one. Before this software can be used on a web server, you need to ensure that PHP and MySQL have been installed. The modules and interface of the software are highly advanced thereby enabling users to accomplish daunting tasks with ease.

To get a website designed using any of these open source platforms, contact highly experienced web designers and developers at ArtisticBird right now.

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