Photoshop a great tool

June 1, 2017

Adobe Photoshop is created by Adobe System as a raster design supervisor in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. It is assigned by "CS" and version is shown by a number. It records in .PSD extension by default for "Photoshop Document." It stores a picture with transparency and incorporates layers with mask content. A PSD file has a most extreme width of 30,000 pixels, maximum height and length limit of file upto 2 Gigabytes.

Pixel-based picture editorial manager is quality of Photoshop which is an essential element. Photoshop additionally empowers vector design altering through its Paths, Pen tool, Shape tool, Shape Layers, Import tool and Smart Object capacities. These tools are helpful to consolidate pixel-based and vector-based pictures in one document of Photoshop with various picture altering capacities under the category of drawing; painting; navigation and measuring; determination; writing; and correcting those permit to draw an outline of picture. The tools of Photoshop permit to create copy picture, altering, cut, duplicate, alter, or modifying operations, trimming unused area of pictures, dragging, Erasing, video altering perfectly and make compatible to  MOV, AVI, MPEG-4 and FLV formats, and last but not least give 3D effects by the using of 3D tools.

At the end of the day Adobe Photoshop is the overwhelming photograph altering and control programming. It has highlights start from altering of unused area of photographs to making complex advanced artistic creations. It is broadly utilized for photograph altering (fixing colors, adding effects, fixing vitality of brightness/contrast) by graphic designers and Web designer for creating and changing images for web pages.

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Mobile App Designing

May 22, 2017

In Today's world most of the companies wanted mobile app designing so that their applications looks great and attract more customers. The mobile application designing depend on look and feel of the item and additionally the connection amongst application and user. A saying which says "compose what you know". It clarifies the designing of mobile application and before designing the mobile  application one ought to be an application is going to be designed in a way to meet the requirement and straightforward to utilize of user or client. Versatile application configuration is not quite the same as designing websites The plan of designing mobile applications is engaged, particular, individual and also separate.

Before planning the designing the mobile application it must be remember that the application would run advanced mobile cell and in addition to iphone. It helps versatile application to be simply the most up to date, shiniest adaptation. Keep sharply in mind that he last objective amid the planning of designing the mobile application procedure, and the result will be more successful.

Consider the possibility of mobile application designing and analysis the view of the user of mobile application, and then the formation of designing mobile application would be diverse. Visual motivation is essential piece of designing of mobile application. It offers data recovery, including email, schedule, contacts, securities exchange and climate data.

User Interface (UI) of mobile application design is additionally fundamental. It considers imperatives and settings, screen, info and portability as frameworks for outlining the portable application. The objective of mobile UI design objective is principally for a justifiable, easy to understand interface. The capacity of portable plan depends on versatile application server, services of Mobile Backend (MBaaS) and foundation of System working application.

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April 18, 2017

Let's talk about ARTISTICBIRD. ONE day I will be at the place I always wanted to be - ARTISTICBIRD legitimizes it. It has a stipulated put in the realm of web designing. ARTISTICBIRD utilizes its knowledge which has been gained by experience of years in the field of web designing. Website designs of ARTISTICBIRD are self-explanatory about their accomplishments. Web designs of ARTISTICBIRD are being intended for marking, imaginative expression, and correspondence among the clients.

ARTISTICBIRD utilizes the title, sidebars, logos, representation, and content, at a place where they make website composition navigable and intuitive. ARTISTICBIRD designs in a way the information must be indistinguishable and orchestrated by their organized significance and thematic harmony.

  • Consistent styles - ARTISTICBIRD gives structural consistency and harmonize.
  • User interface design - Positioning all the various elements of the website at the same place which makes design user interface.
  • Maximize readability - To make text easier to read by converting it smaller sections, different-sized fonts to show the hierarchy and importance of the topics.
  • Universally readable - Use standard HTML which plug-ins on all version of the browser to make universally readable for balancing desired quality of the speed.
  • Mobile browsing accounts - It designs the website to keep in mind there are highly usable on mobile devices. It customizes the design accordingly.
  • Responsive design - It designs the website that will adjust to fit any size screen.
  • Experience & Technical Skill - uses its experience of years and best technical skills to design the web page to give world class presentation to the world.


An intention to make ourselves pillar of branding and expression with creativity then come forward to choose ARTISTICBIRD, moreover to this, reasons to choose ARTISTICBIRD for designing the website are-

  • To be different from others.
  • To make accumulative, archive, demonstrative, appealing client design.
  • For world class representation.
  • Creative and responsive design consist all such elements then one can say said the web page is best one.
  • To give decent review, endeavors, and techniques for designing.
  • Above to all Time bound projects.


Wish to find out about ARTISTICBIRD, don't hesitate to utilize the methods of correspondence of ARTISTICBIRD, we will be very obliged in the event that we would serve ourselves as a world class web designer to world class client.

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Node.js and Android

April 11, 2017

Node.js and Android, Let us take move towards Node.js to understand the compilation with Android. As we are conscious Node.js works together JavaScript with or without of it. It generates effective utilization of hardware and decreases developers cognitive and coding masses via a few key characteristics  these are stated below :-

  • It performs extremely speed, two-way transmission model.
  • It executes the code of both the users i.e. client and server to modify the load on system as well as network.
  • It goes on TCP, maybe not HTTP and it’s applied as single language and lightweight code between frontend and backend to save lots of time and money.

Node.js applications can play audio and video channels to a mobile or a portable while concurrently adding them being an applications with distinctive functions which includes multi-user, collaborative, real-time internet applications that helps numerous network associations with optimum throughput.

Node.js and Android Works together

While we focusing on a mobile application or software, we wish to cover up most of the basics i.e. iOS, Windows and Android –to avail big quantity of shares in the industry it grants workforce mobility to mobile devices depending on their choice. As easy way on the backend for reaching the target is to create most of the application in Node.js.

It is unfortuitously, it can extremely hard for customer to operate Node on the mobile or cellular immediately for many plateforms of mobile.

Node is not just a panacea for many mobile projects. But, it excels in open internet applications that focus on countless data for transactions and it addresses about 95% of the mobile application space.

It comes to initiating communication among the frontend and backed associates. Its rapidly V8 runtime and real-time internet associations are enhanced for large I/O amongst the computation applications.

{There is yet another purpose to utilize Node.js that is to utilize the rapidly rising library free JavaScript segments led by Node developers community. It contains to put in node and helps designers while running or loading plans by maintaining the proper library dependencies.

Node.js created specifically to support and run on mobile web. Node.js seems like a successful technique for host which is server and mobile or cellular devices.

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Mobile Applications

April 7, 2017

Mobile applications development is a term used to denote the act or process by which we develop application software for mobile devices. In today’s time-starved era, everybody runs short of time. Individuals want to utilize every micro-second so that they accomplish all the tasks in stipulated time. This attitude of making judicious use of time has resulted in the invention of smartphones.

In earlier times, mobile phones were used as a mode of communication only. But, smartphones are smart in a true sense and they can perform many more functions than communicating with near and dear ones. To name some of the functions you can perform using a mobile phone to include browsing the Internet, playing games, reading and editing official documents, and video conferencing. Considering the growing popularity of smartphones, marketing professionals with a strong vision sensed that we use mobile phones as a platform for marketing products. The idea of marketing products on mobile phones embarked the journey of Mobile Applications.

In a short span of time, mobile applications have gained momentum in the marketing industry and this is the reason why one can find in numerous applications in the market. Booking room in a hotel, air ticket booking, reserving a table or finding a proper match; almost using mobile apps we can do everything. Do you also want to explore the area of mobile marketing? We would say you should do so as the market has a great potential. And a team of application developers at ArtisticBird would be available round the clock to design your dream application.

Like a website, mobile applications are also customized and each one of them performs a specific task.  You just have to tell us the idea behind the application and our developers would make it happen at the soonest possible. Some of the platforms for which we have designed applications include iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Blackberry.

Depending on the platform for which the application is to develop, we use the programming language. Our team of developers is proficient in developing applications in the following programming languages:

  • J2ME
  • C# and VB.NET
  • NET
  • Palm Source PODS
  • Blackberry JDE


Could not find the programming language you were looking for? Give us a call and we would love to have a detailed discussion on what your requirements are. Also, marketing consultants at ArtisticBird will suggest you better ways to implement the application you earlier thought of.

There is no denying the fact that building a customizable application is really important if you wish to reach your target audience through mobile phones. But, at the same time, it is crucial to find a reliable company. Who can give a physical shape to your idea of the mobile app. Well, we feel glad to tell you that your search for a reliable company ends at ArtisticBird. Our team has designed various challenging applications for years and we know how to deliver perfect apps in limited time. Most of the applications developed by the team at ArtisticBird are scalable. With the continuous growth of your company we can alter them.

To know more about the mobile apps ArtisticBird has developed so far, contact our customer support team.

if you wish to know more about web designing team or services, please feel free to contact ArtisticBird.