April 18, 2017

Let's talk about ARTISTICBIRD. ONE day I will be at the place I always wanted to be - ARTISTICBIRD legitimizes it. It has a stipulated put in the realm of web designing. ARTISTICBIRD utilizes its knowledge which has been gained by experience of years in the field of web designing. Website designs of ARTISTICBIRD are self-explanatory about their accomplishments. Web designs of ARTISTICBIRD are being intended for marking, imaginative expression, and correspondence among the clients.

ARTISTICBIRD utilizes the title, sidebars, logos, representation, and content, at a place where they make website composition navigable and intuitive. ARTISTICBIRD designs in a way the information must be indistinguishable and orchestrated by their organized significance and thematic harmony.

  • Consistent styles - ARTISTICBIRD gives structural consistency and harmonize.
  • User interface design - Positioning all the various elements of the website at the same place which makes design user interface.
  • Maximize readability - To make text easier to read by converting it smaller sections, different-sized fonts to show the hierarchy and importance of the topics.
  • Universally readable - Use standard HTML which plug-ins on all version of the browser to make universally readable for balancing desired quality of the speed.
  • Mobile browsing accounts - It designs the website to keep in mind there are highly usable on mobile devices. It customizes the design accordingly.
  • Responsive design - It designs the website that will adjust to fit any size screen.
  • Experience & Technical Skill - uses its experience of years and best technical skills to design the web page to give world class presentation to the world.


An intention to make ourselves pillar of branding and expression with creativity then come forward to choose ARTISTICBIRD, moreover to this, reasons to choose ARTISTICBIRD for designing the website are-

  • To be different from others.
  • To make accumulative, archive, demonstrative, appealing client design.
  • For world class representation.
  • Creative and responsive design consist all such elements then one can say said the web page is best one.
  • To give decent review, endeavors, and techniques for designing.
  • Above to all Time bound projects.


Wish to find out about ARTISTICBIRD, don't hesitate to utilize the methods of correspondence of ARTISTICBIRD, we will be very obliged in the event that we would serve ourselves as a world class web designer to world class client.

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Non Blocking Javascript

April 11, 2017

Non Blocking Javascript:To start, you have to comprehend a tiny bit about JavaScript and the search engine. JavaScript is on a very basic level single-strung, implying that just a single operation can be performed at once. Encourage, this single string is really shared between JavaScript execution and program rendering. This is ordinarily alluded to as the UI string of the program and is generally the concentration of rendering-related execution exchanges.

JavaScript's inclination to block the search engine, both HTTP solicitations and UI updates, is the most remarkable execution issue confronting designers. Keeping JavaScript documents little and constraining the quantity of HTTP solicitations are just the initial phases in making a responsive web application. The wealthier the usefulness an application requires, the more JavaScript code is required, thus keeping source code little. Restricting yourself to downloading a solitary expansive JavaScript document will just bring about locking the program out for a drawn out stretch of time, this is only happened because of request of HTTP.

The key to non blocking Javascripts is to stack the JavaScript source code after the page has completed the process of stacking.

A <script> tag might be set anyplace in the page. The JavaScript record will start downloading at the point that the <script> tag is parsed, yet the code won't be executed until the DOM (Document Object Model) has been totally stacked (before the onload occasion handler is called). At the point when a conceded JavaScript document is downloaded, it doesn't hinder the program's different procedures, thus these records can be downloaded in parallel with others on the page. The Document Object Model (DOM) permits you to powerfully make any piece of a HTML record utilizing JavaScript.

The <script> component stacks the source document file1.js. The document starts downloading when the component is added to the page. The vital thing about this system is that the record is downloaded and executed without blocking other page forms, paying little respect to where the download is started. You can even place this code in the <head> of a record without influencing whatever remains of the page (beside the one HTTP association that is utilized to download the document).

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Node js

March 27, 2017


ArtisticBird is elaborating about Node.js. A little note about Node.js and its features have been given below to understand how it works and the same has been done by ArtisticBird for designing the amazing website.

Node.js offers an abundant library of numerous JavaScript segments which simplifies the growth of website by applying Node.js for extraordinary presentation. The basic of Node.js is Runtime Setting + JavaScript selection. Node.js applies and utilizes core for performance and efficiency, the core identifies and recognizes lower-level API those have utility of application for Node.js. and reveals for users.

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O for designing which makes design delicate to get efficiency. It is made for constructing scalable system programs and foundation of a website library and framework. It is JavaScript runtime application developed on Chrome's V8 JavaScript generator. Node.js provides the biggest surroundings of availability informative libraries in the world. Being an asynchronous function it runs through JavaScript runtime.

Node.js never buffers any data and information and offers results of data’s information in chunk and is created without threads but API which is an Application Programming Interface (API) it is communication way among the software components helps in creating and keep in touch with the bunch of elements/data those allow to balancing, managing and handling information by independent process unit which is known as core. It contains amazing features and functions such as function of driven of API those contains selection of library of Node.js those never waits for an API to go back data’s information and the server which actions data to next API after follow the contacting data because of Asynchronous. A notice of data process function of Node.js assists the server to acquire a result from the prior API call which is extremely fast in executing the code.

Node.js - single threaded program

Node.js uses a single threaded program support to a much bigger quantity of requests than old-fashioned servers like Apache HTTP Server. In 2009 this application has been developed and produced by Ryan Dhan. V0.10.36 which is latest version has rigorous speed on web for steaming the data like moving data on for single page application. Node.js programme helps the data to be very light and effective ideal for real time data intensive programme that stumble upon available devices.

Node.js programme is useful for creating the web based programme as it uses JavaScript. Node.js is a programme for creating server side network application to start resource the data. It is prepared in JavaScript and be worked within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

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March 22, 2017

Angular is also referred to as "Angular 2+" or "Angular 2". Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application platform. Those who are keen to design their website to put an impact on the client they know about it. For them, ArtisticBird is the name on which they can rely upon for designing the amazing website. The ArtisticBird is looking forward to work with a new application in the era of designing the website. In such field, ArtisticBird has been introducing itself by introducing the ANGULAR. A little brief of ANGULAR mentioned below to understand how it works.

Introduction & a brief about : ANGULAR by ArtisticBird

Angular is an application which performs frame work based on JavaScript. It controls bit of the screen with segment blend of an HTML Templates and factors of class in CODE form. This application is introduce for developing frame work for designing the website and confronting the difficulties. While making single page application for VERSATILE WEBPAGE, Local as well as Desktop Portable by constructing or reusing the CODES to control over scalability and provide huge speed for WEB PLATFORM in respect of building tremendous information on RxJS which is use for collection and transform the information.

Providing ample speed and work on JavaScript framework, ANGULAR - invented and announced at EUROPE CONFERENCE in SEPTEMBER 2014. Its first release came in MAY 2016 & final version has been come into force in the month of SEPTEMBER 14, 2016.

Angular depends on the conviction to create User Interfaces (UIs) and associate with Software Components (SCs). The UIs & SCs adjust and stretch the framework in the form of presenting dynamic and customary HTML CODES OR CODES elements through two way information as well as data binding that put synchronization of models and perspectives. Because of this, Angular de-emphasizes or de-stressed DOM control to achieve the goal of enhancing as well as bettering testability, execution, and performance of the HTML CODES OR CODES in the form of HTML Templates and factors. this works on by applying the fundamentals of MVC (Model – View – Controller) and MODEL VIEW VIEWMODEL (MVVM) to segregate the information for presentation of data separately by using server side capability for client-side web applications resulting for smooth and fasten the data movement on the server.

It first read out the HTML page which contains the information nested in the form of CODE then rearranges, simplifies and develops framework by CODEs description and gives structure to application by the using of unfathomable tooling and elements those help in preparing framework based on JavaScript format too quick, amazing and extraordinary definitive formats, declarative themes, web templates and layout by using wide range of existing code and variables with in the code those can be set manually. It concentrates building astonish and amazing framework.

In other words, Angular is bunch of MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework comprising of MEANStack. MEANStack which contains Java-based innovations for building exceptional framework.

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March 22, 2017

TypeScript is just an open and free source coding language created and preserved by Microsoft. Anders Hejlsberg, who designed C# and inventor of Delphi and Turbo Pascal, has labored on the growth, development of TypeScript. TypeScript may be utilized to work extremely well to develop JavaScript applications for server-side (Node.js) execution. It is a hard user of Javascript superset and provides recommended fixed, statical type writing and class-based coding which is based on object orientation. It is made for growth of big applications and transcompilers to JavaScript. Any existing active JavaScript programs or applications are legitimate for TypeScript programs. Let's know how TypeScript and JavaScript are related with each other.

It helps in description of  documents and files those contains  data of information in existing active library of  JavaScript which explains the files the structure as well as framework of existing active subject file which allows different programmes or applications to utilize the values  explained those are contained in the files of documents as statically coded TypeScript entities.

TypeScript has been upgraded comprising to C# and different Microsoft languages but earlier it was  known as first – class coding language in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. TypeScript in receipt of an official extension of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to support it. One will find third-party header files contained documents for popular and common libraries like jQuery, MongoDB, and D3.js. TypeScript headers for the Node.js fundamental segments are accessible enabling development and growth of Node.js programs within TypeScript.

TypeScript has been formed in a manner to give compatibility with JavaScript. It is probable to utilize JavaScript Code those are incorporate in JavaScript library, and contact TypeScript produced code from other JavaScript libraries those furnishes the antecedent code. It has been designed in a way where the developers approved a solution that would not breach affinity with the acceptance of conventional platform support. Comprehending that the existing ECMAScript accepted class-based programming, it was based on that proposal and it led to a JavaScript compiler with a set of syntactical accent extensions, a superset based on the proposal, that transforms the extensions into approved JavaScript.

ESMAScript identified with a plan to design with TypeScript. Which is scripting language with specification and trademarked which is institutionalized by ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association). It had been centered on JavaScript which paths ECMAScript coding and utilizes the script for customer side on composing server application and administrating the utilization of Node.js. It includes different execution of ECMAScript incorporate with ActionScript and JavaScript.

Each time a TypeScript program gets gathered to accomplish an option to generate a affirmation report with the augmentation . The augmentation  extension which denotes by .d.ts  that operate being an interface to the component to gather the JavaScript. In the act of process with the compiler strips out all methods bodies and preserves the signatures which are exported. The ensuing affirmation report can be properly used with the exported electronic TypeScript. Electronic TypeScript is sort from JavaScript selection available in the library of Javascript. The designer uses the elements of JavaScript each time as a third party devours it through TypeScript.

It was created in October 2012 (an adaptation of 0.8), afterward's two years of centralized development at Microsoft. TypeScript 0.9, introduced in 2013, included support for generics. TypeScript 1.0 has been in operation since its launch in 2014. VisualStudio 2013 Upgrade to offers integral support for TypeScript.

The development aggregation appears a new TypeScript compiler, claiming 5× efficiency gains. At the same time, the prior code, which was basically managed and located on CodePlex, transferred to GitHub in 2014. On September 22, 2016, TypeScript 2.0 came into action; it presents several functions, including the adeptness and capability for programmers to alternatively keep factors those are being allotted.

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