April 18, 2017

Let's talk about ARTISTICBIRD. ONE day I will be at the place I always wanted to be - ARTISTICBIRD legitimizes it. It has a stipulated put in the realm of web designing. ARTISTICBIRD utilizes its knowledge which has been gained by experience of years in the field of web designing. Website designs of ARTISTICBIRD are self-explanatory about their accomplishments. Web designs of ARTISTICBIRD are being intended for marking, imaginative expression, and correspondence among the clients.

ARTISTICBIRD utilizes the title, sidebars, logos, representation, and content, at a place where they make website composition navigable and intuitive. ARTISTICBIRD designs in a way the information must be indistinguishable and orchestrated by their organized significance and thematic harmony.

  • Consistent styles - ARTISTICBIRD gives structural consistency and harmonize.
  • User interface design - Positioning all the various elements of the website at the same place which makes design user interface.
  • Maximize readability - To make text easier to read by converting it smaller sections, different-sized fonts to show the hierarchy and importance of the topics.
  • Universally readable - Use standard HTML which plug-ins on all version of the browser to make universally readable for balancing desired quality of the speed.
  • Mobile browsing accounts - It designs the website to keep in mind there are highly usable on mobile devices. It customizes the design accordingly.
  • Responsive design - It designs the website that will adjust to fit any size screen.
  • Experience & Technical Skill - uses its experience of years and best technical skills to design the web page to give world class presentation to the world.


An intention to make ourselves pillar of branding and expression with creativity then come forward to choose ARTISTICBIRD, moreover to this, reasons to choose ARTISTICBIRD for designing the website are-

  • To be different from others.
  • To make accumulative, archive, demonstrative, appealing client design.
  • For world class representation.
  • Creative and responsive design consist all such elements then one can say said the web page is best one.
  • To give decent review, endeavors, and techniques for designing.
  • Above to all Time bound projects.


Wish to find out about ARTISTICBIRD, don't hesitate to utilize the methods of correspondence of ARTISTICBIRD, we will be very obliged in the event that we would serve ourselves as a world class web designer to world class client.

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Digital Marketing

April 11, 2017

Digital Marketing is an umbrella for the showcasing of items utilizing advanced advances, chiefly on the Internet, additionally including cell phones, show publicizing. Digital Marketing is the publicizing of brands through at least one types of electronic media it includes the utilization of channels and strategies that empower an association to investigate advertising efforts and comprehend what is working and what isn't.

The Digital Marketing was begun in 1990s, when the SoftAd Group, now ChannelNet, created publicizing efforts for vehicle organizations: People sent in peruser answer cards found in magazines and got in kind floppy circles that contained sight and sound substance advancing different autos and free test drives.

It has changed the way marking organizations use innovation for advertising and as individuals utilize digital gadgets as opposed to going by physical, advanced promoting efforts are turning out to be more common and productive. Online business promoting, web-based social networking advertising, web-based social networking streamlining, email coordinate promoting, show publicizing, e–books, and optical compact disks and compact disks of amusements are turning out to be more advance propelling innovation. Truth be told, Digital marketing now stretches out to non-Internet channels that give digital media like cell phones (SMS and MMS).

It is also known as online promotion of brands or product, internet marketing or web marketing. Nowadays it has been not only the promotion of product but give the online support to customers during 24/7 to feel them valued. It has multiple channels for branding namely –

Affiliate marketing: through online platform, it implies sheltered, dependable and simple advertising, Display marketing.

Electronic mailing marketing: is quickly impart a message and their incentivized offers to new as well as to existing or potential clients.

Social Media Marketing : Facebook, Printerest, Google, Instagram are being used as social media marketing to publicize the product or services. Sometimes Game Advertising is also used for marketing. Products or brands are being used to publish as an ads with their name and characters of game as banner .

Video promoting - This sort of publicizing as far as online digital means are notices that play on online recordings e.g. YouTube recordings. It comprises of three sorts: Pre-Roll promotions which play before the video is watched, Mid-Roll ads which play amid the video, or Post-Roll commercials which play after the video is observed.

Basically it has three keys  to promote the brand to achieve the goal:

  •  Manage complex client connections over an assortment of channels – both customary and digital.
  •  Respond to dynamic client cooperations.
  •  Extract an enormous information to settle on quicker decisions.

To contact customers and make a two-way correspondence display, as Digital marketing permits shoppers to give back criticism to the firm on a group based site or straight specifically to the firm through email.

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Hotel Booking Engine

April 7, 2017

Booking a hotel in an unknown land is most common problem travelers confront and hotels are trying to solve it by launching Hotel Booking Engine over the Internet. Advancement in modes of transportation, Increased Awareness, and Better Income has resulted in an unremitting growth of the tourism industry across the world. According to statistics, 4.6% growth was there in the tourism industry worldwide in the past one year. As a result of this expansion, various companies have entered the travel & tourism industry. Through their services, companies aim to earn good amount of profits by helping travelers with travel related problems.

Do you aim to start a similar business all by yourself? Well, the potential in the tourism industry is great and ArtisticBird can help you in fulfilling your aim by designing a cutting-edge Hotel Booking Engine for you.

In the past couple of years, ArtisticBird has developed a few hotel booking engines and the appreciation received from clients boosts our confidence level to handle many such projects in future as well. Though we believe in the power of customization and are always ready to customize projects according to customer’s requirements ,some of the key features that make a hotel booking engine perfect are:

  • Real-Time Inventory & Rates – A leading hotel booking engine can be used by thousands of users for booking numerous hotels at one instance of time. To avoid any confusions and discrepancies, it is crucial to develop software that maintains real-time inventory and rates of course. Earlier the changes are reflected; happier will be your users.
  • User-FriendlyA booking engine consists of multiple pages. To ensure that the user does not get lost in between the website should be user-friendly. The UI should be attractive and easy to understand. Navigability is another important feature that must be present in a hotel booking engine.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Today, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Every other day new technologies comes up and your competitor may be employing all of them to lure customers. A simple example of advanced technology is the availability of multiple methods of payment. The website must have a mechanism using which it supports multiple payment options. Such a facility attracts large numbers of travelers and increases the total revenue to a great extent.
  • Multi-Currency Support – Since individuals prefer to travel to foreign countries. Supporting different currencies is an essential feature in a hotel booking engine. We use secure software that carries out complex tasks such as converting and accepting different currencies used across the world.
  • Packages & Promotions – Promotions and Discounts are an integral component of the tourism industry and hospitality service providers use it frequently to lure customers in large numbers. As a hotel booking engine, your website should reflect current promotions and packages offered by different hotels.

These were just the key features and ArtisticBird can do a lot more. That will make your Hotel Booking Engine attractive and revenue generating.

Want to gather more information on the success of hotel booking engines? Fill our query form and professionals at ArtisticBird would call you at the earliest possible.

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