Is Responsive Design killing your creativity?

August 28, 2017

Web design in 2017, we’re talking approximately about responsive web design. Responsive web design is the method of designing a domain. It may be net app. It is demand of customer that content of webpage adjusts correctly according to the gadgets screen size as it is seen on different sizes of screen and screen resolution.

Responsive web design layout is connected with root shape. It is single organism. It emerges from the ground in distinct places, extraordinary contexts, at distinctive sizes. Responsive web design layout grows the number of mobile web users. It happens without extra cost of developing a mobile web site in parallel with a computer version.

As responsive design is not without its problems.
Responsive design performances according to viewport. It is no longer based on content material. It has solution of content material that is container-based versions. It interacts with CSS media queries and works as a solution. It has extensive relationship in respect of its elements. Markup semantically structured elements in respect of layout for mobile. It frequently transposes onto larger viewports.

UI selection increases the number of critic in admire of hamburger menus. It is used on desktop. An interest is made for cell layouts. The contents horizontally divide in to twelve column grid. It is being scaled as much as desktop.

Is responsive web design killing creativity?
It is not fair to say that responsive design is killing creativity. Responsive design’s lifeblood is variety and innovation. The task of designing the webpage goes stronger for designer while designer takes it as an assignment. Responsive website design role is upgrading day by day. Responsive design is transferring itself towards developing direction. These upgradations are high-quality for responsive website designer to shine and come up with solution of creativity. It offers highest quality performance. Year 2017 means we are in digital world. So designs are going responsive, creative and more advance.

Responsive design is upgrading itself and pushes the present day barriers of technology every day in preference to killing creativity.

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Why art direction is critical to responsive design?

August 25, 2017

Art Direction has fantastic place in the global of designing. It specializes in impactful images in responsive web design. Art Direction is a technique to attract eyeballs. It targets particular functions of a photo, even if it’s viewed on exclusive gadgets or platforms.

Role of Art Direction
Art Direction performs a vital position in the world of web designing. Designers create responsive designs. These display the design on different size of gadget screens. The design entails numerous imagery in the realm of responsive design. The role of Art Direction can’t be over-emphasized. It shows impact on content to flow on web pages. It locates ad banners. The ad banners display photographs at distinctive resolutions. The full picture can be visible on a big screen 2560 x 1600. Art Direction works on simplicity and complexity. It uses framework with advantages. It uses clients design style and methodologies. It builds trends.  Excellent Art Direction considers style.

 Good Art Direction consists –

  1. The restrictions of a medium. Restrictions of medium refer to responsive design.
  2. Art Direction utilizes its capability of technology.

Impact of Art Direction
The function is related to all sides of lifestyles. It has essential rule within the area of advertising and magazines. Commercials magazines with the visuals are offered through Art Direction. The visual offers itself in a manner that inspires an emotional response and leaves with a long-lasting affect. An attention is vital element of Art Direction. It holds eyeballs and connects in a positive way.

 In magazine, pages attract due to the colors, the typography and an image impact. It is also takes place when any content material stands for greater visually appealing. It selects font weight. It selects the precise amount of whitespace and well-spaced paragraphs. Art Direction is the process of typography. It is combination of shade. It scales the designing. It concentrates on the process of production of design and its placement. Art Direction is the concept of decision. This concept works for layout wrapper of designing which contains the properties of Art Direction.

Art Direction uses <picture> and <source> tags for designing. It designs art-directed based responsive images. Art Direction brings out the finest in ad and net platforms. It establishes a connection between the person and the internet site or ad banner. Combination of different images integrates Art Direction for the flow of process of designing.

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Efficient Responsive Design Process

July 31, 2017

Effective Responsive Design Process has three unique formats (1) home page (2) posting page and (3) detail page. Each of them comprises effective responsiveness. It is on account of mobile, tablet, and desktop sizes.

Four goals (1) collaborate, (2) repeat, (3) adjust, and (4) organize work for effective responsive design process. It assists client to incorporate with the process.

Ensure to follow the process keys of effective responsive design in respect of best result every time.

Keys for Effective responsive design processes are:-     

Hold on content
Plan and get hold of the substance. Assign pictures logos and texts identified with it. Do the number of changes as satisfaction with the final result.

Remember These Things While Designing

  • Focus on screens sizes as opposed to on gadgets
  • Consistent navigation all through all screens
  • Mobile approach is first
  • Check the execution of site on different screens


Inspire set to design
In the wake of fulfilling with the content, next step is to design with regards to the finalized content. Utilize wireframe and mock-up as indicated by content.

Focus on important element
Focus on importance of element is necessary for designer. As such elements focus on designing.

Focus on typography
Responsive design process is based on attract the client. It sets target on audience. So typography should be first on priority. Typecast is one of them. Analyse typography before start designing.

Concentrate on typography
Responsive design process attracts client. The typography performs vital role. So typography ought to be first on need. Typecast is one of them. Proper Investigation of typography is necessary before begin designing.

Create design as for mobile
It is necessary to remember the varieties of mobile screen. Exact position of design uncovers just on different mobile screens. Responsive design makes idealize view on mobile and desktop.

Check the compatibility of design on different browsers.
It does by proper writing of CSS and JavaScript properties.

It is an orderly approach towards designing. It ensures that design is rendered splendidly on changed screen sizes. In the first place, need to concentrate on the contents and remember the viewpoint of mobile.

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How to prepare your Logo for Responsive Design Systems

July 29, 2017

Nowadays there is demand of logo for responsive design in every field from shop to big enterprises.

Prior logo was expected for a shop sign. It imprinted in daily paper commercials. The present logo needs to work with a developing plenty of keen gadgets with different screen sizes. It works according to resolutions for showing responsive sites.

Logo has been designed carefully. Design of logo considers the matter of display within changing formats. The absolute best logo is straightforward and flexible. Logo for responsive design has turned out so important. Brands like Twitter, Facebook and Google are refining logo for responsive website design.

Moving Forward

Logo for responsive site frameworks changes the method for branding. It gives an opportunity for freedom in branding. It has been increased because of rising of cell phones. Logo designer follows the principle of simplicity and embrace. Brand appearance and scale on a cell phone turns into a staple test for any logo designer and in addition for branding the project.

Logo designer designs logo for responsive website systems and educates customer. It grasps new adaptable approach, where logo has been upgraded inside responsive website design. It keeps up branding consistency.

Wordmark, simple & clean

Designer remembers that logo downsizes wonderfully where space is too little. The design should enough adaptable to drop the wordmark by and large. Logo designer plans straightforward and clean design for responsive website design. Logo design ought to be adaptable within mobile web spaces.

 Image Configuration

Image configuration refines the simplicity. It removes useless elements. It legitimizes in extremely straightforward by illustration. Illustration is such as twitter logo. Such design upgrades the brand. It turns logo as the symbol of the organisation. It can just possible through responsive website design. Using logo as symbol creates an identity and builds the flexibility of the brand for using on mobile devices.

 Moving Forward

The impact of Logo for responsive website architecture is branding and moving forward. It gives new opportunity of branding where logo reactions flat, vertically stacked and horizontal. It brands from wordmarks to basic symbols, even changing hues to suit dull and light screen background.

It grasps the flexible approach of branding. It returns best.

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Designing for Responsiveness

July 27, 2017

Designing for Responsive

Responsive Web design approaches planning for designing. It develops in a way to react according to any conceivable screen size, platform and orientation.

It comprises of flexible frameworks, formats and pictures. It wisely utilizes CSS media queries. User can changes website view from portable workstation (Laptop) to iPad. It follows resolution, picture size and scripts.

A responsive format is material plan for designing. UI incorporates a flexible framework of 12-section matrix format. It guarantees consistency of format. The quantity of framework segments fluctuates in view of the breakpoint framework. The breakpoint reflows the substance on various screens. The breakpoints width are 480, 600, 840, 960, 1280, 1440, and 1600dp. UI description scales from small little to extra expansive screens.

Designing for responsive websites is testing in light of the fact that the procedure is distinctive. It is a series of revisions. It is collaborative oriented effort of developer and designer.

 Uses, Elements & Advantages


Viewport is a creative ability. It is a blueprint of website. It is assurance of website on various gadgets. Various devices like smartphones, tablets, smaller viewports and a bigger desktop version. The more extensive screens contain 1200 or 1400 pixels or more. Responsive design adjusts screen resolution.


Responsive design is ideal if perform on all browsers. It considers elements of design. These elements are made with CSS. CSS shows drop-shadows, gradients, borders, adjusted corners and other design components.

Responsive design is blend of CSS elements. CSS elements work to fix, hide, and float (left or right). The CSS elements can scale.

Filament Technique

It resizes pictures proportionately. It shrinks the resolution of picture on smaller devices screen to large pictures. It utilizes entire space on small screens.

 Appearing or Hiding Navigation

Designing for responsiveness is best practice for mobile user world. CSS detects browser width through JavaScript. It focuses on row instead of multiple columns. CSS permits appearing and hiding navigation. It replaces navigation to content.


Individuals adore reading with their hands and interacting with contents. On mobiles and tablets, clients can squeeze to zoom or slide pictures over the screen. Design for responsiveness adjusts screen around 25 px. It makes an awesome experience over all gadgets for clients.

Best thing about design for responsiveness is to update with the latest UI/UX. User experience is the key for designing for responsiveness.

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Responsive Font Size and Fluid typography with vh and vw units

July 26, 2017

Responsive Font Size and Fluid typography with vh and vw units accomplish responsive style. It works without losing control over essential parts of design. It has wide browser support. It is easy to work with.

Responsive Font Size and Fluid typography with vh and vw units resizes easily. It coordinates with any gadget width. For all intents it support endless number of screen sizes.

Viewport units indicate to a rate of the browser’s viewport measurements. 1 viewport width (vw) is equivalent to 1% of the viewport's width. The viewport units vary from percentage. It identifies with the viewport while rate identifies with the component's parent container.

Viewport units are not identified with the base text dimension. It has value that makes the units fascinating and also distinctive.

  • vw stands for viewport width
  • vh stands for viewport height

Viewport units for minimum and maximum font sizes controlling

Staying 2vw on the html component pixel considers text dimensions. It seems as everything is fluid. It is simple. Designer can set either least or most extreme font dimension. CSS property does not narrate minimum font size. Designer can obtain the result through various ways.

 Calc ( ) defines breakpoint

Originator can utilize calc( ) for characterized breakpoint. On the off chance that the default font dimension is 16 pixels and if 2vw is 2% of the viewport's width, at that point the estimation for working out the breakpoint would be 16/(2/100). This gives 800 pixels. The fluid value coordinates with fixed value. It sets a breakpoint at viewport size.

Designer utilizes em units for media queries. It changes over the pixels to ems. It gives consistent move between the fixed and liquid value.

Scale rate controlling

Fluid typography scales flawlessly between particular pixel within a particular viewport limit. It maps the qualities when working with JavaScript. The viewport's size is variable. The calc( ) handles unit modes in equations in certain ways.

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Responsive Design is failing mobile UX

July 24, 2017

Responsive Design is failing mobile UX. Responsive design is the combination of CSS properties. It approaches website to fit on different of screen sizes. It changes the content of website and functions on the basis of screen sizes. Responsive web design functions across all the devices.

Most of internet users access WebPages through mobile devices. For hosting maximum number of users most of designer make their websites mobile friendly. They use responsive website design. The responsive design allows resizing pages according to the size of the screen.

It is necessary to keep solid command and best practice on particular industry. Apply all elements that familiar for users.

Mobile UX fails because of:-

Result in differ perspective: It happens if the information displayed on website fluctuates. It differs from the angle of the client. The contents do not access easily. Same is applicable on information. Therefore in most cases the responsive design does not solve the concern of the users.

Too much content material : Every now and then too much data show in display screen. It fails UX.

Tables and tabs: Look with tables and tabs do not deliver a terrific look. It has opportunities in small screen. The content seems too small are hard to read.

Match content with the context of the customers: Responsive design assumes that the content materials have to appear in same way in all the gadgets. The great manner is to have the content material matching with the device in use.

Poor loading and navigation speed: maximum responsive web page have equal weight because the computing device site. It takes extra time. Responsive website design approaches lightness of content. It works on processing resource compared to a computing device. It’s simpler and sensible to create a separate mobile website which masses more quick.

Placement of image: Responsive layout is normally concerned with the rearrangement of image. It is about a little awareness on the image positioning. The result comes as poor image placement and screenshots.


By focusing on fails points and making all possibilities to overcome on fails point of UX can improve responsive website.

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Obtain higher conversion rates with RWD

July 14, 2017

Responsive website design is a method for designing a website. It consist contents, images and webpage structure. The webpage structure gives a consistent review to users of various gadgets.

Unexpected quantity of mobile clients for surfing on the web is increasing. In the event of increasing of number of users the present pattern proceeds with mobile users. It will soon be a dominant part online in near couple of years. Increasing in number of users is the reason to convert many websites into responsive website. Users can be decreased if the website is not responsive.

Usage & Advantages 

Responsive Website Design is a web improvement approach. It makes dynamic changes to the appearance of the website. The changes are made on basis of the screen sizes and gadget orientation to utilize Responsive Website Design.

A Responsive Website Design can serve any gadget or screen size. Designer doesn’t have to configure isolate websites for mobile, tablet, and desktop gadgets. Responsive Website Design quickly develops group of users.

RWD increments the rate of higher conversion in light of the fact that distinctive sizes of screen are included in searching websites. This is the main motivation to design responsive website.

Features : Increasing higher conversion rates

  • A responsive design guarantees that users can easily navigate website. Responsive design utilizes any gadget. It satisfies users and also increases conversion rates.
  • It is more productive. Google lean towards responsive website design for higher positioning. It is a result of precise index properties.
  • Responsive website design is effective. It is simple to manage. It works for desktop and additionally mobile version too.
  • Responsive website design gives quick and effortless service to a user for looking on website.
  • Maximum consumers use browsing web based services on different mobile devices rather than desktops.

In the light of the above features Responsive Web Design acquires higher conversion rates.

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Why Google recommends responsive web design (RWD)?

July 13, 2017

A responsive website design makes for different gadgets. They have distinctive screen sizes and resolutions. A calculation says there are more than 232 sizes of screens. They access the responsive website design. Responsive website design supports designs, videos and web contents of website.

Google often allows and advices to designers and developers can alter their sites with Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Responsive Website Design stands for designing sites having an ideal view. It is easy to read and navigate. Responsive Website Design for an extensive variety of gadgets (from desktop PC screens to cell phones).

Usages & Advantages

A Responsive Website Design can serve any gadget or screen size. It gives a way that designer does not need to configure isolate websites for distinguish gadgets like mobile, tablet, and desktop gadgets.

Responsive Website Design has advantage to permit one URL and single substance source. Google says Responsive Website Design (RWD) gives configuration that permits managing with various URLs amongst mobile and non- mobile sites.

A responsive website design has compatible feature of smooth running. This encourages smooth, quick and effective loading of web page on different gadget screens.

Responsive Website Design develops for growth and innovation of mobile. It is common in utilization of web based business i.e. e-Commerce transactions. It is made by means of small gadgets - cell phone, tablet etc. It has been emerged possibility, making site responsive.

Presently, Google has taken RESPONSIVE WEBSITE on high priority.

More than above, Google prescribes Responsive Website Design (RWD) on account of: Less loading time and SEO – Friendly. It keeps content new and takes after Google calculations by allocating the index properties of a page to the related desktop or mobile pages.

The designer concentrates on different URLs. He keeps an eye on different combinations of mobile and non-mobile sites.

Responsive Web Design recommends by Google because Responsive Website Design (RWD) is easy to read. Easy to navigate by simple resizing from different sorts of gadgets.

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Big Screen Responsive Website Design

July 11, 2017

Big Screen Responsive Website Design means a design of website incorporates with big screen to mobile screen.

Innovation of Big Screen Responsive Website Design allows the page to utilize the rules of CSS style rules in light of coding.

The objective of responsive website is worked with mobile in a beneficial manner. It's about setting substance with the big screen responsive website design and it incorporates with big screen.

How does Responsive Website Design Work?

It adjusts the format to the review condition by utilizing liquid, extent based lattices, adaptable images.

The liquid matrix concept sizes according the screen size component relative units. Responsiveness likewise works for big desktop screens. Extra-large screen responsive web design makes the substance fit the screen.

The big screen determination is 1920x1080 pixels. And after that next expansive determination is 1920x1080 pixels. The most top quality desktop shows that begin with 27" screens. Designer keeps in mind while design website for big screens, how maximum number of clients visit browser window and attract to website.

Trust it or not, there are people who work at movie-based wide-screen (even Apple's 27" iMacand Thunderbolt show enjoying the resolution 2560x1440px).

Big screen responsive website has two options:-

At the point when a site needs extra large screen, responsive web design works for a big desktop and screens. Responsive web design utilizes a fluid format with a specific goal to utilize the entire screen instead of including left-and right-page edges.

A settled format confines the width of the page at each breakpoint and keeps the design to a set width, second, A fluid format stretches over the entire screen width.

It includes flexible interface pixels for designing. Design has been made by utilizing CSS's fundamental of text dimension, pixels and ems.

Designer keeps total attention on responsive website design for wide screens. He/She keeps in mind content choreography. He/She considers picture's component, fitting measurements as well as higher resolution of the picture in the light of screen sizes and pixel thickness.

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